Friday, June 28, 2013

what we did//may 2013 - part II

MAY26SUN Anthony and Shani get married! Peter left early to get ready with the groomsmen, take wedding photos and take care of last minute details. I slept in and then got ready for the ceremony. Peter's friends picked me up and we drove to Pasadena where the wedding was. We got to the church a little early and I saw Peter in his suit (yay real clothes!) and took some pictures with his family. We signed the guestbooks and then got seated. The church was really pretty and the ceremony itself was the perfect length (no hour-long sermons). I think we all really enjoyed the message and their vows were really sweet (they wrote their own). After the ceremony, the reception started pretty much right away with dinner which was nice because we didn't have to wait (at some weddings you wait hours!). Guests walked over from the church to the Pasadena Masonic Temple for the reception but me and Peter drove since he had to take his car. Peter was super nervous all week but he was like really freaking out the day of and especially as the reception was starting. His friends and I all teased him but reassured him that he would be fine (which he was). Peter left to meet the rest of the wedding party for the entrance and the guests were allowed to eat from the buffet right away (awesome). Maybe I'll have a buffet at mine. With korean food + chipotle + ice cream. Peter asked me to get a plate with a lot of food so I did and people were totally judging me not only because it was my second plate, but it was literally overflowing. Of course, Peter didn't touch any of it since he was too preoccupied with the wedding and speech. After the wedding party and A + S walked in, there were toasts and speeches. Peter's was really really good and I think the newlywed couple really enjoyed it. There was lots of laughing (totally reminded me of Sisters' Night). He got lots of comments and compliments after about how it was great it was. The scary part was over and we enjoyed the rest of the night watching the slideshow and taking photos in the photobooth. At the end of the night, we helped break down the stage and load everything into the cars. Me and Peter stopped by the hotel to get/drop of stuff and met A + S to walk over to the afterparty. We walked to Vertical Wine Bistro in Old Pas and had drinks, margherita pizza, garlic fries and wedding cake (or at least I think it was the wedding cake). I ate a lot of fries. And a lot of cake. We stayed for a little bit and then wished them a safe and wonderful honeymoon (they were leaving the next day!) and then left. We stopped by the hotel to get Peter's clothes and things and then drove home. Peter was tired and falling asleep while we were driving so we played our usual game (that helps keep us awake since the freeway to and from Pasadena is twisty and kind of dangerous), taking turns naming words from A-Z from a chosen category (almost always biology/medical terms). We made it home in one piece. Peter's relatives were over so I sat with them for a little bit and then went to the cave where I sleep (...that sounds really odd...). I showed Peter the recording of his speech and other pictures from the night. Then I passed out (from exhaustion, not alcohol just to be clear).

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