Sunday, June 30, 2013

what we did//may 2013 - part III

MAY27MON For Memorial Day we went to Peter's friend's house and had mexican food for lunch. We grilled meat and had rice, guac, chips and salsa. We sat outside and talked about random things for a while. The guys went outside to shoot a basketball around and play horse (and I played a few rounds). The loser of the guys had to go get bubble tea for us (I got yogurt bubble tea) but we didn't have straws so we ate it with spoons. After bubble tea we played scattergories which got really intense. Me and Peter were on one team and we had lots of fun. Me and Peter won! A bunch of other people came over so we ended up playing a huge game with probably around 20 people which got pretty crazy. After a few more rounds we left for home.

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