Wednesday, June 26, 2013

what we did//may 2013 - part I

MAY23THU On Thursday morning, I flew from San Jose to LA where Peter picked me up (with flowers!). We stopped by home for a bit, dropped off my stuff and I met Peter's brother Anthony and his fiance Shani for the first time. We went to go get Thai for lunch and then Peter had to work for part of the day so I waited for him at Robeks which will now be my go-to smoothie place in California. I made a custom smoothie with grapefruit juice base + raspberry sherbet + peach (I think the third fruit was peach...?). I wandered around to kill some time and then picked up a drink for Peter when he was done with work. After work, we went to dinner with Peter's parents + Anthony + Shani to celebrate and toast to their marriage. After dinner, we met up with some of Peter's friends for drinks.

MAY24FRI On Friday, I think we ate breakfast at home and then went to go run errands with Peter's brother for the wedding. We stopped by Zipcar where they had an awesome book about dogs and then we drove to Pasadena to go get the rental AV equipment for the reception. Not everything fit in the car so me and Peter wandered around Pasadena while Anthony took the stuff back home. We went to Bittersweet Treats where I got a raspberry lavender panna cotta and an oatmeal raisin cookie and then went back for blondie. Peter got a cherry coke. We stopped by a few other stores (a scary thrift store, a dollar store, a phone store and a strange gaming place) and then hung out at Starbucks until Peter's brother got back. We all went to Top's for a late lunch and then drove home. We hung out at home for a little and Peter's dad made steak for dinner. Me and Peter went to Pinkberry at night and then probably CVS since we go there almost every day.

MAY25SAT I think we ate something at home in the morning and then headed to Pasadena for the bachelor party where Peter was meeting with the other groomsmen for the afternoon. I hung out in Old Pasadena (went to Lush, had lunch, got coffee, went to Paper Source and read books at Barnes). I met Peter at the rehearsal dinner here with all of his family and rest of the wedding party. After dinner, we worked on last minute edits for his speech and then went to sleep.

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