Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY typography art

It's wedding season. Slowly but surely, acquaintances and friends are starting to get engaged and married. How exciting! I can't wait until all my friends start getting engaged and planning their weddings. Don't be scared, but I'll probably be like Monica from Friends with her wedding binder. Just kidding. But not really.

A few months ago, two friends from church got engaged (to each other) and we had a great engagement dinner at this cute tapas place in Northfield over the weekend. None of my close friends have started to get engaged so I'm not 100% on wedding etiquette and whatnot, so the day of, I did some research on gift giving for engagements/showers/other wedding festivities. Since our dinner was casual and on the smaller side, I wanted to bring something small but nice, and hopefully personalized. The hardest part was trying to think of something for both of them. I thought of going to Crate & Barrel because I was sure I would find something there but I didn't have much time (I didn't realize that I should bring something until a few hours before!). I saw some really cute digital prints/poster type things to hang as art but I obviously needed it within a few hours and the instant digital downloads were kinda really tacky (ie: paintings of angels and butterflies and birds).

So I decided to just make something.

I made an 8x10 canvas in Photoshop and just did a simple ampersand. I played around with white on black or black on white but thought that a black "&" looked the best. In white, I added their names. I took this to Office Max since I didn't know which print option would look best so I asked for their opinion and they printed it on this weird glossy cardstock. The toner was blotchy and there were ink marks so they tried to print it in laserjet but that didn't work either. I ended up just printing it at home on white cardstock which ended up looking nice. I picked up an 8x10 black unmatted frame from Michael's along with some gift bags/tissue to wrap it all up.

Once I had it printed, I cut down my 8.5x11 paper to 8x10 and slipped it into the frame. I made sure the glass was clean and then wrapped it up in tissue. I put it all in a kraft bag with some washi tape and a grey bow. Hopefully they'll find a place for it in their newlywed home!

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  1. I never saw this or knew it existed until I saw it on your blog. Probably because I was late to that dinner...oops.