Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY gift wrap

I always forget how fun gift giving is. For Elyssa's graduation gift, I decided to make the gift wrap (I didn't have any wrapping paper that was non-holiday themed anyways). I really enjoyed using kraft paper to make wrapping paper (like this one from this post) and it's always easy and pretty quick. And so cheap.For this gift, I used $1 kraft paper from the dollar store that comes in a big roll. I used a white paint pen and drew little stars all over. I wrapped the box with a tape runner so you wouldn't see the tape from the outside and then added some detailing with bakers twine and washi tape to hold it in place. So simple.
For the gift bag, I had a bunch of kraft bags from Michael's that come in a set of 12. Or 15. Or 10. I can't remember. I mixed white acrylic craft paint with turquoise to get a nice mint color that matched the watch that Cliff and I picked out for Elyssa. I carefully painted diagonal stripes on both sides of the bag but left the sides blank, and tried my best to make sure the paint didn't run. Craft acrylic usually dries pretty fast so both the paper and the bag were ready to go in just a few minutes.

I found pretty shimmery champagne colored tissue paper at Hallmark and added it to the bag right before we gave it to her. Super easy and special!

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