Friday, May 3, 2013

what we did//26 part V

MAR16SAT Saturday was Peter's 26th birthday. His friends planned this awesome barbecue at the Old LA Zoo (where the Zoo used to be before it moved) in Griffith Park. His friends got a shady spot in an old den of some animal (I think it's a lion) and brought tons of food and drinks and snacks. I've never been a huge fan of barbecued food but their outings have changed my mind. We had homemade spicy potato salad, coleslaw, apple turkey hot dogs and burgers. We also had great homemade salsas and other snacks. After we had lunch, the guys tossed the football around for a little and then we had cake. We stayed at the park til mid-afternoon, went to go get a carwash and then went home to shower before our birthday dinner date at Lawry's. This was my first time going so I was eager to try. I had heard great things about it and I wanted to buy Peter a nice fancy dinner that he would enjoy. We got dressed up and headed out to Beverly Hills for our late 9:00pm reservation. Peter got the regular cut and I got the smaller California cut and we both got creamed corn and spinach. I got the creme brulee for dessert and Peter got coffee. They also brought us a little cake for Peter's birthday. On the way home from Lawry's, we happened to pass by LACMA. I had wanted to go since I've never been there and I really wanted to see those street lamps. Since we left the restaurant around 11pm, it was nice because nobody was there and we ran around taking pictures. Actually, only I ran around. After LACMA, we weren't sure what to do since it was my last night in LA so we went on a spontaneous drive to Santa Monica where we have lots of old memories. We went to the beach and climbed up on those lifeguard house-thingies and talked and listened to music on Peter's phone. We stayed for a while and then drove home. On the way home, Peter was getting sleepy so we played car games. We do this on the phone when Peter's driving and falling asleep to make sure he stays up. We went through the alphabet taking turns coming up with biology terms that start with each letter. Don't judge us. We got home around the letter X and I gave Peter a card that I made before the trip for this birthday.

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