Friday, May 3, 2013

what we did//26 part IV

MAR15FRI Peter took me on a little mini-trip to Malibu on Friday. We went to the beach but only stayed a little while because it was pretty chilly that morning. We ended up going to lunch in Thousand Oaks and ate at this great restaurant called Lazy Dog Cafe. I got the white peach sangria and some mexican tortilla soup. Peter got a hummus appetizer and we shared a barbecue chicken pizza. I think we also had sweet potato fries. After lunch, we sat around in the sun and then went window shopping at the mall. Peter took me to this really good gelato placed called Paciugo. Here is their impressive list of flavors. We drove back to LA and on the way we stopped by Peter's old high school (highly gifted magnet, everyone. I FINALLY got to see it). After a little bit of walking around, we drove to Peter's friend's house before dinner and hung out for a little while we waited for Peter's other friend. The four of us went to El Taurino where I had tacos and a tamale and totally pretended to be full when I really wasn't.