Wednesday, May 1, 2013

what we did//26 part III

MAR14THU We left home a little early so we stopped by a cafe to get some coffee before lunch. We then headed downtown to meet some of Peter's friends during their lunch breaks. We ate at Mendocino Farms where I got the Sandwich Study of Heat and Peter got the Kurobuta Pork Belly Banh Mi (so good). I'll probably get that next time I go. After lunch, me and Peter went to Bottega Louie. Although I don't love macarons, these were so good. Like, phenomenal. Not too sweet and great texture.  Peter bought me one of each flavor and we tried all of them (as indicated in the photo). Yes, all 13. My favorite was the earl grey (the blue macaron with the gold dust on the bottom right in the picture) but I also loved pretty much all of the other flavors. Their best seller is the salted caramel. I was so overwhelmed by the colorful macarons and beautiful space that I didn't see the other display of desserts (fruit tarts, tiramisu, creme brulee etc.) so next time I'll definitely have to try. Peter had to tutor so we drove to work and I probably napped in the car/walked around/went to Starbucks while I waited for him to be done. After, I think we went to Peter's friend's house to hang out for a little. For dinner, Peter and I went to all you can eat shabu shabu in ktown. After dinner, we walked to a cafe called Ice Kiss for dessert and played jenga. I won.

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