Monday, May 20, 2013

Philly 2013 - part 4

MAY13MON We were suppose to wake up early but we ended up waking up around noon. We ate cupcakes and drank Fresca for breakfast. We walked to the Love Park and took pictures, did some shopping downtown and then walked to El Vez for lunch. We started with their original guacamole and the blood orange margarita - soooo good. I got the special (chicken burrito) and Elyssa got the tacos. Loved it. The restaurant has a photobooth so we took some fun pictures. After lunch we walked to the Magic Gardens. We took lots of pictures of the beautiful mosaics and then headed back downtown to get gelato at Capogiro (#1 ice cream in the world according to Nat Geo!!) I got the grapefruit and coconut and E got the mojito and some dark chocolate. So excited that I got to try the best ice cream in the world! It was really really good - less dense than typical gelato (it was almost like a frozen yogurt consistency). We headed back home and took a nap before I left for the airport. E dropped me off and then we said bye (for now!). Had a wonderful weekend exploring a new city with good people.

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