Friday, May 17, 2013

Philly 2013 - part 2

MAY11SAT E's graduation was early Saturday morning at Penn so we drove with the grandparents to campus and got our seats. Those doctoral students that all got hooded took soooooo long (just kidding, but not really) and eventually we saw Elyssa walk across the stage. After the ceremony, we took pictures and then went to lunch at Beijing (Elyssa's family's restaurant!!) - food was SO good. After lunch, we went back to Elyssa's and got ready for a graduation party at Llama Tooth where we had drinks and food. We stayed for a while and took fun pictures. It started raining so we started walking home (I think this is when Gradzilla was born, just kidding). At home, I took a teeny tiny nap and then Cliff and I got ready (against my will) to go out for the night. We went to Elyssa's friend's house for a little bit and then took a SideCar (the idea kind of freaked me out at first) to a TFA party. We stayed for a little bit and then took another SideCar to the Raven Lounge. Lots of tired-dancing. When Elyssa says DANCE, you dance. We danced for a while which ended up being really fun and then eventually took a cab home. At home, we chatted with everyone since Ariana + Jeff stayed home. We stayed up and talked until late and teased Elyssa (HELP) and eventually went to sleep. I think Elyssa might have done her nose thing again.

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