Monday, May 6, 2013

april recap

In April, I

craved donuts all the time.

started a quilt that I probably won't finish for at least 6 months.

discovered all of my favorite bowls and mugs from my house in Syracuse.

organized my spice cabinet.

made a lot of food (soup, donuts, ice cream, strawberry shortcake, granola, potatoes and more).

drank homemade iced coffee.

attended a demo at the French Pastry School.

considered forgetting all my plans and going to pastry school.

spent a fun weekend catching up with Syracuse friends.

recorded this crazy video. 

discovered a yummy cider (thanks Simon!).

shopped at a popup antique sale (we bought a real whale harpoon).

purchased four airplane tickets.

switched my coffee to Kona blend.

fell in love with a (potential) future career.

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