Monday, April 29, 2013

what we did//26 part I

So overdue but better late than never, right?

MAR12TUE I took a very early morning flight from MDW with Southwest (my favorite) to LAX. Peter picked me up with flowers and we went to Grand Central Market where we ate breakfast and picked up fruit for Peter's mom. We stopped by home to say hi and then ate a mini-meal in ktown and got cold drinks next door at this cute cafe called Cafe Patio. Super adorable and they have books you can read and stamps to make bookmarks for you to leave in. We talked in the car and then drove to Peter's work in the afternoon. I don't remember what I did while Peter was at work - probably napped in the car + walked around + tried to do homework. After work we went to eat dinner with Peter's parents at all you can eat. After dinner, me and Peter drove to Santa Monica to get dessert at Brian's Shave Ice. We ended up really liking it. I got a dole whip center with passion orange guava and coconut and snowcap (condensed milk) on top. I am in love with dole whip. Peter got something similar - banana tropical something. But mine was better.


  1. I really love each individual picture in this post. I hope you are enjoying life and your travels Jenn!

    1. thanks marta! (: these were my favorites from that day!