Sunday, April 7, 2013

11 things at 23.5

So I had this whole thing typed out but I decided to scratch it and condense it to a few sentences. The 28th of April marks the halfway point of being 23. And the first six months have been sort of lame. Life needs to be fuller, less idle and more productive. I should stop myself before this starts getting really depressing and before I start saying YOLO or something. I'll summarize what I had originally wrote with this one quote: 

11 Resolutions at 23 ½

1. Learn more.
2. Cook more.
3. Read.
4. Make more stuff.
5. Take care of myself (exercise, diet, actually attempt to get ready when I leave the house).
6. Cut out the bad stuff (stress, naps during the day, procrastination, worrying, things that bring me down).
7. Wake up earlier.
8. Celebrate the joys and get over the bad stuff.
9. Capture more beautiful moments.
10. Travel.
11. Learn to let go a little lot.

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