Tuesday, April 30, 2013

what we did//26 part II

MAR13WED We stopped by the Pasadena Humane Society per usual. I think it's one of Peter's favorite things to do. We went to Paper Source in Old Pasadena to look around and then stopped by Urban Outfitters next door to find a pair of replacement sunglasses for me. I got a pre-lunch dessert at 21 Choices (original yogurt + frozen fruit blend: frozen strawberries, blueberries and peaches) and then we went to Euro Pane where I got the egg salad as usual (on olive) and Peter got something else. Maybe egg salad too, I don't quite remember. Peter had to go to work and I decided to walk to the "library" which may have been the worst decision I made during the whole trip. I was wearing uncomfortable flats and a warm sweater and carrying a 15 pound bag over my shoulder and even though the "library" was only like a mile and a half away, I thought I had to call Peter to come rescue me. Except I couldn't because I had the keys. My feet were blistering to the point where I couldn't get them back into my shoes and I thought about walking barefoot back to Peter's work. Oh, and the "library" had no air conditioning and was super super tiny - I couldn't even find a place to sit because someone stole my seat. So I dragged myself back to Peter's work and slept in the car until Peter was done. We stopped by home to change and then headed to Little Tokyo to have dinner at Curry House (my fav). After dinner, I got a cappuccino at Cafe Demitasse while we yelp-ed things to do in the area. We ended up going to watch Silver Linings Playbook which I was really excited for but didn't really end up liking, although I did fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence. The movie ended pretty late and we looked for a CVS that was open for me to buy tea tree oil (for my face). We were both so tired and out of it. Peter was so tired he put his keys down somewhere and we lost them (temporarily) but someone who worked there found it. In the seasonal section. (Where they had weird frog statues and garden ornaments.) I would have wanted to stay up but I think this was a sign to call it a night.

Monday, April 29, 2013

what we did//26 part I

So overdue but better late than never, right?

MAR12TUE I took a very early morning flight from MDW with Southwest (my favorite) to LAX. Peter picked me up with flowers and we went to Grand Central Market where we ate breakfast and picked up fruit for Peter's mom. We stopped by home to say hi and then ate a mini-meal in ktown and got cold drinks next door at this cute cafe called Cafe Patio. Super adorable and they have books you can read and stamps to make bookmarks for you to leave in. We talked in the car and then drove to Peter's work in the afternoon. I don't remember what I did while Peter was at work - probably napped in the car + walked around + tried to do homework. After work we went to eat dinner with Peter's parents at all you can eat. After dinner, me and Peter drove to Santa Monica to get dessert at Brian's Shave Ice. We ended up really liking it. I got a dole whip center with passion orange guava and coconut and snowcap (condensed milk) on top. I am in love with dole whip. Peter got something similar - banana tropical something. But mine was better.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

from the weekend - wjsc part III

APR21SUN We went to Panera for breakfast and then drove to service at Simon's church. After service, we had dollar tacos at El Famous Burrito and then went back to watch the guys play basketball. For dinner we went to The Lucky Monk where we had pizza, burgers, salmon and fish&chips. Simon also introduced me to a cider that I really liked (Fox Barrel) which I'll definitely look for now. School was cancelled again so Wilson and Charlene slept over (Simon had to leave for Houston) and we stayed up talking, looking at old photos and videochatting with Peter.

APR22MON The three of us went to Walker Brother's in Wilmette for breakfast where we had omelettes, crunchy french toast and crepes. After breakfast, we took Wilson to his hotel for his conference by O'Hare. I also downloaded Snapchat and am now obsessed.

APR23TUE Wilson ended up going to only some of the scheduled events for his conference so me and Charlene went to go hang out with him and his coworker until their flight. Charlene brought us six boxes of chocolate covered strawberries from work for us to have. We drove to Woodfield area and ate lunch at Portillos and then went to the mall. The four of us did some shopping and talked about engagement rings. We also stopped by Godiva and Charlene's manager gave us all more truffles. We then went to Coffee Haus to hang out before their check-in. After we dropped them off at the airport, I hung out at Charlene's where we recorded this crazy video. We had a late night dinner at Cheesecake where we had crab&artichoke dip, polenta fries, sausage ricotta flatbread and this shrimp thingy.

It was a very full and fun-filled weekend. And by weekend I mean Thurs-Wed since the rain cancelled school for a week.

Friday, April 26, 2013

from the weekend - wjsc part II

APR20SAT Simon, Wilson and my parents (and I) ate lunch at Shabu House and then obviously went to Bakersville for frozen yogurt. We drove to Woodfield to meet Charlene after work and then went to JCD for all you can eat in celebration of Charlene's birthday. We went to Bakersville (again) for cake and chitchatting.

from the weekend - wjsc part I

APR19FRI Wilson was in town for a quick Chicago trip + conference with Gatorade. We had a late night dinner at Little Goat Diner and I lovveeeddd it. I got the dark chocolate chip crunch pancakes (obviously I ate it all, as indicated in the photo above), Simon had some sort of sandwich, Charlene had the brandade & belly and Wilson got the kimchi breakfast thingy. We also shared a hot crab dip as an appetizer and the miso sundae (so genius) for dessert. Loved the decor at this place as well. Definitely going back, maybe when Peter's in town!