Saturday, March 2, 2013

february recap

In February, I

reached the halfway mark of my Invisalign treatment (and started rubber bands).

almost every bone in the body.

Valentine's day.

went on a double date.

waited three hours for dinner at the Purple Pig.

got a perm.

resumed Grey's Anatomy.

started wearing my mom's sapphire ring that my dad got her when they got engaged.

baked The New York Time's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie (I have my own thoughts).

edited more photos for Project Life 2013.

dreamt a lot of strange/bad dreams.

drank a lot of passion tea lemonades from Starbucks.

procrastinated more than usual.

watched a lot of movies in bed (The Vow, 500 Days of Summer and Like Crazy - Like Crazy was my favorite).

reconfirmed (in my head) my decision to leave Northwestern.

roadtripped to Milwaukee with friends.

ditched my first class since sophomore year to go to Milwaukee.

cheered at my first Syracuse basketball game.

regretted not going to more in college.

ate a fantastic meal at Comet Cafe (best chicken noodle soup and their compact turkey is like Thanksgiving in one plate) and went home with a very cool bumper sticker.

tried Leon's Frozen Custard (raspberry is so good).

realized how fast time is flying.

recaps inspired by life love paperjamaica & elise .


  1. you got a perm? i need to see this in person :) i know you've been talking about getting one for a while now. hopefully we'll see each other at church this sunday :)