Thursday, February 21, 2013

what we did//valentine's 2013 part I

FEB14THU The day before Peter arrived, I got my nails done and I think this is my new favorite shade of red. I picked up Peter from the airport after class around 2pm and then we went to Hmart to pick up a few things. We ended up eating there and then went home, played with Duke, opened Valentine's chocolates from my parents and then got ready for dinner. We went to Sushi Para for AYCE sushi and then Very Berry for dessert where we got frozen yogurt and a taro latte to share. We went home and Peter helped me study for A&P since I had a quiz the next day. I think I fell asleep while I was studying so we called it a night.

FEB15FRI We were suppose to go to breakfast at Katie's Kitchen before my class but I didn't finish studying the night before so Peter slept in and I woke up early to cram. Peter drove me to school while I crammed even more in the car, I took my quiz and then we went to brunch at Katie's. We went to Old Orchard and Peter bought me this necklace from Tiffany for Valentine's Day. I got Peter some new clothes and we picked up iced tea for the car ride home (which I spilled all over my scarf and face - Peter's fault.) We got ready for dinner and Charlene and Simon came over to meet us. We drove downtown to Purple Pig and found out our wait time was an hour and 45 minute - 2 hours. We waited. Actually, we ended up waiting almost 3 hours since they were running behind. We walked around the mall and ended up sitting on some couches for most of the time and watched strange music videos on the tv. We went back to the restaurant after 2 hours and waited another hour but finally got seated at this communal table. Me and Peter had no idea what to order so Simon ordered 9 dishes/tapas for the four of us to share. I think the brussel sprouts and the pork shoulder were my fav. We also had pig ear (which I'm still convinced weren't really pig ears), beets and goat cheese, calamari, bone marrow (which I didn't eat) and some other pork things. We debated whether or not we should get dessert there but we ended up going to Grand Lux where we got drinks and dessert (creme brulee & beignets). And free bread. We were all falling asleep by this point but S&C came over and we all took turns falling asleep. Simon and Peter caught up and we talked about Syracuse days and then I fell asleep. S&C left and me and Peter went to bed after making plans for Saturday.

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