Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hi. Thanks for visiting my new blog! I've left typepad (my old blog platform) for several reasons but now I'm back on blogger (but with my own domain!). It was just more cost effective that way. I had learned how to code and design specifically for typepad so I've been blindly fiddling with html coding and CSS trying to customize the blogger platform and keep it as consistant as possible with my previous blog. Fortunately, I've been able to figure out the bare minimum and get this site up and running. Unfortunately, my old posts have links that won't be active anymore since my typepad blog will be shut down. And the formatting of the images is all weird (which is really bothering me) but the important thing is that all my posts have been moved and still remain in their previous labels/categories. Although the the formatting is going to bother me, I'm glad I still have the last 6 months of my life documented and present on blog.

Thanks for visiting and please check back soon for updates. Please keep in mind this new URL since my old blog won't be working anymore! I think this one's a keeper.

ps. I have a new about me page!