Sunday, February 3, 2013

january recap

In January, I

edited photos for Project Life 2013 (see above).

went forth with a new academic/career plan.

ate a lot of oranges and berries.

printed photos for a Christmas minibook.

videochatted with friends from Syracuse.

began school at Oakton.

took down our Christmas tree.

attempted to exercise.

planned photobooks for Puerto Rico and Germany.

ate breakfast most days of the week.

loved waking up to snow.

worried less.

finished watching season 1 of Downton Abbey.

rewatched Grey's Anatomy.

moved my blog back over to blogger.

started making my bed.

recaps inspired by life love paperjamaica & elise .


  1. i know the images were made for your project life, but for online purposes, i would suggest increasing the font sizes especially for the recipe list.

    other than that beautiful photos!

    1. thanks for the suggestion - i thought about that too, but because of the size of the vertical photos, text doesn't look very good on the computer... they look totally fine when printed out as little mini photos but i've realized blogger's photo quality isnt as good as typepad (ie: my profile image on here isn't as clear) - that's why i couldn't put that tag underneath my profile photo that says "this is what inside the brain..." since it comes out so pixelated. i dont know whyyyyy, i wish i could fix it! but spanks!