Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 days of christmas - two








It's not quite done yet but almost! I just have the second half of the machine quilting left and then the binding. I'm surprised that I ended up liking the colors once it was all pieced because I just grabbed random bolts at the store and had second thoughts at the cutting counter. But it ended up coming together nicely and I'll have a grey polkadot border around the edges soon. It's not as big as a twin size because I tried to lay down on the couch with my first quilt and it was just way too big. It was hanging off the couch and getting so heavy that it was sliding off since there was so much extra fabric. I don't know what the exact dimensions are but I think it's a good size for napping on our living room couch (which we've been doing a lot a lot a lot of lately). Once it's done I'll have better pictures up. Please don't judge my very crooked lines. I'm actually terrible at using the sewing machine and very imprecise when it comes to sewing. Very. Oh and we're quickly discovering that Duke is obsessed with blankets. As you can see.

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