Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 days of christmas - ten







I DID IT. I MADE A QUILT. I have never ever in my life finished a quilt. I always make the top and then I get stuck on the batting and binding part. I made 90% of this quilt back in September and just had the binding to do but then school happened and it sat in a bag for three months. Finally I finished it up and now I just have to wash it to get it to be texture-y. The pattern isn't fantastic because this was actually for a class and they had this pattern set already. Since it was only three sessions, the center is one giant piece of fabric because if the entire quilt top was pieced it would have taken way too long. I'm actually a little scared to use it after I wash it because there's a slight chance that there are some loose pins in there somewhere. Like, actually inside between the layers of fabric. That would be so so so bad. Well it's too late now so just as long as nobody sits on it really fast or jumps onto it, I don't think it'll poke anyone. I hope.