Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 days of christmas - nine





This is quickly becoming my new favorite project. This was made using the 2013 calendar kit by paislee press (she's one of my favorites too) and it's the second digitial project that I've done using her photoshop templates. I've never been a digitial scrapbooker (nor do I even fully understand the concept of digitial scrapbooking) but I really enjoyed the process using her first kit and I love how her projects turn out. I knew when I saw her 2012 calendars that I would be making one for 2013. I love love love how they came out. I wish there were more months in the year so I could make more but I could only choose 12 of my favorite photos. This is the first one I made (for me to use in 2013) and I've made some revisions for the ones that I'll be sending as gifts. I would include more pictures here but I didn't want to post photos of the ones that I'll be gifting so I included the ones that I'll be replacing for family and friends. Because I don't think people want pictures of me on the beach or my feet next to pumpkins.