Friday, December 14, 2012

12 days of christmas - eleven






I bought this fabric in September knowing that I would use it for something during the holidays. I love it. I have a decent amount of it but it's not the right material for a quilt so I had to make something else. I went with a simple pillow with a hidden zipper and I'll use the leftover to make some pillowcases for my bed because it's super soft and I love heavier weight cases.

This was the third hidden zipper installment I've done and I did a terrible job. It's already falling apart and it's been 30 minutes. I wanted to use a zipper so I could take out the pillow form and reuse it for when the holidays are over. Then, when next Christmas rolls around, I can just replace the case instead of having a bunch of seasonal pillows laying around that aren't doing anything. If I had enough fabric I would just use it as a sheet for my bed because I love it so much. 11 days left!

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