Wednesday, September 12, 2012

lately 09.12.12

Just doing a quick post about what's been going on recently. I haven't really had a chance to update because school literally came out of nowhere. I was looking forward to the start of orientation because I was getting so bored at home but once Monday rolled around (orientation started yesterday, Tuesday), I all the sudden had six thousand things to do asap. Orientation is two weeks long, pretty much 9-5 every day. 90% of the days are filled with faculty talks which are 15 minute presentations from different faculty members interested in taking graduate students (ie: us). I'll post another entry about how my PhD program kind of works and what the process is like since no one has any idea what I'm doing and 50% of my friendsslashpeopleIknow believe I'm going to medical school.

I haven't even been able to post my final week in the life sneak peek because I just picked up my new (free) macbook pro (!!) on Monday and I'm still transferring things over and installing mountain lion. Long story. Still need to move all of my photos and once things get a little less insane, I'll start posting more regularly. But I'll have that last week in the life sneak peek up soon because I hate having that hanging over my head.

I keep finding (craft&scrapbooking-relating) things to do and pushing it off to the weekend, but now I'm realizing that I have absolutely no time to do anything. Here we go. Hello gradlife.

Here's what the last couple of mornings have been like. I think this will be interesting to find later when I laugh at myself for not moving closer to the city and for doing this ridiculous commute (but it's really not that bad! For now.)

06:00am - wake up
06:15am - actually wake up and brush my teeth and stupid invisalign
06:25am - run with duke
06:50am - eat breakfast
07:05am - shower and get ready
07:40am - finish getting ready
07:45am - out the door and in the car
08:00am - arrive at train station and wait for express train
08:07am - train arrives
09:00am - arrive at Chicago red line and walk to school
09:15am - arrive at my buildling

Tomorrow I get to sleep in until 9. Thank God.

Oh and my thoughts on invisalign some other time.

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