Saturday, August 4, 2012

adventures in ice cream // kiwi ice cream


recipe #2: kiwi ice cream

source: kiwi ice cream from

rating: 7/10

modifications: cooked eggs with sugar before adding cream; added 1 tbs vodka to recipe to keep from getting too icy

This recipe was interesting because it didn't call for cooking the eggs. Which I thought was strange and unsafe. The key lime ice cream and all other egg-based recipes require cooking the eggs or atleast warming them in a bath (needs to be 160 degrees F to be safe). I followed the key lime recipe in regards to cooking the eggs and it seemed to work. The only downside about the recipe is that it smelled like eggs until it was completely frozen which was kind of gross. The taste was good though; a sweet frozen yogurt taste with a freshness from the real kiwis. I hoped that the vodka would have kept the ice cream from getting icy but I guess I didn't add enough. Probably because 1 tablespoon is pretty little for a 1 quart yield. I didn't want it to taste like alcohol though, so I didn't go too crazy with the vodka but next time I could probably add more. I couldn't get the ice cream to churn to any firmer of a consistancy but it was better than the key lime. It could be because I had too much liquid in the bowl. Other than the early-on-egg-smell and somewhat icy texture, the taste was pretty good.

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