Friday, August 3, 2012

adventures in ice cream // key lime pie


recipe #1: key lime pie ice cream

source: key lime pie ice cream from allrecipes

rating: 6.5/10 (I think I've been watching too much of the Olympics)

modifications: halved the recipe; omitted the extra tbs of sugar and lime juice (remember, recipe was halved); made a homemade graham cracker crust base (graham crackers, sugar, cinnamon) and added that before freezing

Deciding on making key lime ice cream isn't difficult when your neighbor gives you a grocery bag full of limes from Florida. Which is kind of cool because we have real limes, possible from the Florida Keys. I don't really like lime flavored food or key lime pie but we had a bunch of limes and my brother, official taste tester, likes key lime pie. We considered a lime sorbet but I thought that I really wouldn't eat that so we searched a pie ice cream recipe and found a simple one from allrecipes. Love that site. More than foodnetwork. 

Anyways, the taste was pretty good for a flavor I don't particularly enjoy and the graham cracker made it even better. I had to freeze it after the churning because I guess I didn't freeze the machine all the way. Definitely wasn't patient enough which cost me in the end, but I ended up keeping it in the freezer and it was okay the next day. I searched some tips on how to get better ice cream texture so I'll be trying those techniques in later recipes.

So far, a good first homemade ice cream experience.

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