Sunday, July 29, 2012

what we did//california edition

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JUL16MON We woke up, ate breakfast/lunch at Peter's and then went shopping at Beverly Center. I bought Peter a new wallet at Bloomingdales and some stuff at the shoe store. We ate pretzels and had coffee and then headed to the Grove to look for stuff for Peter's parents. We went to Crate and Barrel and found nothing to buy there, but we did look at furniture and sat on all the couches. And when salesmen asked us what we were looking for, we pretended we were homeowners and that we were actually interested in buying their furniture. But really we were just looking at how comfy the couches were. We bought some kitchenware at Anthropologie for Peter's mom and then went to eat lunch near Peter's house. We were planning on watching Brave but then we got sleepy and lazy and stayed home and watched Parenthood on Netflix. We watched a bunch of episodes and then we went to go get Pinkberry (again) and then late night El Taurino. Yes, frozen yogurt before mexican food.

JUL17TUE Peter had to work early so I slept in while he went to tutor. I packed up my things and waited for Peter to get back. We went to Pasadena and ate at Mediterranean Cafe (really really good). We also looked around Petco and the Pasadena Humane Society, something we always do when we're in the area. We went back home, gave the gifts to Peter's parents and said bye to them. We went to Americana (we seem to always go there on my last day in LA) and watched Brave and then went to dinner at Granville Cafe. We always go there too thanks to JPio who took me there when I was at Caltech last summer. I always always get the angelhair pasta. We had dinner there and then went to Pinkberry (again again) and then to the airport. My flight was delayed so Peter waited with me at the airport and then I was off. I took an overnight flight and got in Wendesday morning. I got back home and slept for literally two days straight.

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