Friday, July 27, 2012

what we did//california edition

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JUL17TUE I flew out of O'Hare to LAX. I usually like going way too early to the airport but for some reason I went later this time. And so of course, this time, the lines were ridiculously long and didn't move at all. I finally got through and ran around the airport looking for Chicago mugs for Peter's parents. I watched the Sherlock Holmes on the airplane and half of Crazy Stupid Love, one of my favorites. Peter picked me up after he was done with work and then we stopped by the gas station we always stop at and got Cactus Cooler since I can't get that here. Peter showed me this work and then we went to Peter's friend's place to plan our weekend trip since Peter volunteered me for food. Thanks Peter. Just kidding, it was fun. We met Peter's parents and went to dinner and then went back to his house for tea. After that we went to Home Depot to fix some stuff at Peter's other friend's apartment where I was staying. We ended the night with a trip to CVS, our usual.

JUL18WED I secretly memorized where Peter worked and looked it up on googlemaps on my phone before falling asleep the night before. It was only 3 miles so I decided to walk to his work and meet him for lunch. It felt good exploring and walking around on my own. We decided on sushi because the line at Chipotle was too long and Peter only had less than an hour for lunch, which he wasn't even suppose to take. I waited until he was done with work and we went to get a massage. That was my very first one. Without knowing, a made a reservation at a massage place right under Peter's work. We left the parking lot of his work, I told him that my phone told him to make a right, and another right, and then another right, leading us right back to the parking lot. He didn't really want to do it there because he saw the owner outside a lot but we already made a reservation so we went. And I mean his work is right above. Like, we could hear his kids running around upstairs. We got the massage but Peter's massage that he got was much better. He got hot stones on his back which I only found out about after because I asked him what all that clanking sounds were. I definitely did not get those. We went to Rite Aid and got coconut pineapple icecream. We got ready for dinner with Peter's friends at wurstkuche where we tried pheasant, chicken&apple and rattlesnake&rabbit hot dogs. It was really really good. We went to Little Tokyo and had really good pastries and drank tea. After dinner, me and Peter went back to Nancy's (where I was staying) and talked about mercury in retrograde and watched lightning.

JUL19THU Instead of walking to work to meet Peter, he picked me up and we went together in the morning. I got coffee cake and a chocoate croissant at Starbucks and waited there until lunch, once again that he wasn't suppose to take. We ate at a little italian place called Panini Grill (I think) and Peter went back to work. I walked around Wilshire Blvd and looked around some stores. After Peter was done with work we got ready to go to MOCA where Nancy works. They had a special event where we saw Benjamin Millepied (Natalie Portman's husband who choreographed for Black Swan) perform Framework with dancer Amanda Wells. They danced through the pieces in the museum and moved from room to room. Nancy got us on the special list that got us into the show and I think about 200 other people came. Everyone was from fancy places or newspapers so Peter and I pretended we were fancy and special too. We decided we were from "Art USA dot com". That's all we could think of. Me and Peter didn't know that he was Natalie Portman's husband until the performance was over and then obviously I freaked out. We went to the rooftop for a reception and I got to stare at her for a whole ten minutes. I was like, sweating. Everyone was super classy and considerate so nobody was staring or taking pictures. I stared from far away because if I can't take pictures or hug her, I'm going to stare. We left the reception early and went to Curry House in Little Tokyo and then to Pinkberry. That night I slept at Peter's since he didn't have to work the next day.

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