Sunday, July 8, 2012

an anniversary


IMG_6457  IMG_6458


I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about this anniversary. Peter asked me if I wanted a sword. Or frozen chicken wings. Or a baby pig. But unexpectedly, these chocolate covered strawberries arrived at my door on the 24th of June. We almost didn't answer the door because I was still in the clothes that I had slept in and because we usually pretend we're not home when there are strangers outside. Mostly because those "strangers" are usually Korean Mormons that somehow find out where all the other Koreans in Wilmette live. Nothing against them but they talk forever. Even if you tell them you're Mormon. Anyways, everyone in my family loves chocolate covered strawberries and these (from Edible Arrangements) were really really good. My favorite were the coconut. Joyce took these pictures for me and then ate about half of the chocolates but atleast she was very considerate and let me eat the first one. And I have great pictures now. I sent Peter this card and a gift card for Lawry's where I'll be taking him to dinner when I'm in LA.