Tuesday, July 31, 2012


(Artistic) gymnastics is my favorite summer olympic sport, closely followed by sync diving. I can't believe I haven't seen this until now but I've been googling Nadia Com─âneci, first gymnast to score a perfect 10 (1976 Montreal) and world record holder for most number of perfect scores at a single Olympic game. In Montreal, she received six more perfect scores. She left with three golds including all around champion, one silver and one brozen medal. She was 14. Here's the video that I've been watching over and over and over. It's hauntingly beautiful, funny and incredible. Perfection.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

what we did//california edition

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JUL16MON We woke up, ate breakfast/lunch at Peter's and then went shopping at Beverly Center. I bought Peter a new wallet at Bloomingdales and some stuff at the shoe store. We ate pretzels and had coffee and then headed to the Grove to look for stuff for Peter's parents. We went to Crate and Barrel and found nothing to buy there, but we did look at furniture and sat on all the couches. And when salesmen asked us what we were looking for, we pretended we were homeowners and that we were actually interested in buying their furniture. But really we were just looking at how comfy the couches were. We bought some kitchenware at Anthropologie for Peter's mom and then went to eat lunch near Peter's house. We were planning on watching Brave but then we got sleepy and lazy and stayed home and watched Parenthood on Netflix. We watched a bunch of episodes and then we went to go get Pinkberry (again) and then late night El Taurino. Yes, frozen yogurt before mexican food.

JUL17TUE Peter had to work early so I slept in while he went to tutor. I packed up my things and waited for Peter to get back. We went to Pasadena and ate at Mediterranean Cafe (really really good). We also looked around Petco and the Pasadena Humane Society, something we always do when we're in the area. We went back home, gave the gifts to Peter's parents and said bye to them. We went to Americana (we seem to always go there on my last day in LA) and watched Brave and then went to dinner at Granville Cafe. We always go there too thanks to JPio who took me there when I was at Caltech last summer. I always always get the angelhair pasta. We had dinner there and then went to Pinkberry (again again) and then to the airport. My flight was delayed so Peter waited with me at the airport and then I was off. I took an overnight flight and got in Wendesday morning. I got back home and slept for literally two days straight.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

what we did//california edition

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JUL20FRI We woke up late, did some last minute packing and then went out for lunch. We stopped by the bank and CVS and then got picked up to go grocery shopping for the trip. We met one of Peter's friends and then headed to Big Bear, a two hour drive east. We stopped by In-N-Out and then started our uphill drive. Apparently you're not suppose to use AC when you go uphill. I didn't know that. We started having some car trouble when we got up there so we had to stop just incase something was really really wrong with the car. We didn't want to risk it so we waited for a tow truck and a nice police man stopped to help us. And Peter ask him if I could get a picture with him. That explains the picture above. The tow truck took a while to get to us since we were in the mountains so we killed time by playing games with rocks and throwing a football around. The tow truck got there and only two people could sit in the truck so me and Peter sat in the car that was on top on the truck. It was pretty scary. We got to the car-fixing-place and they said that we could make it to Big Bear okay so we didn't have to wait long. We got to the cabin and did some last minute grocery shopping and had chicken for dinner. We spent the night drinking in a smelly hot tub.

JUL21SAT People wake up super early considering they do some heavy drinking the night before. It's impressive. We got ready and went to Castle Rock Trail to do our morning "leisurely" hike. It was pretty challenging but it was fun. It was a steeper, shorter hike with lots of boulders to climb. We got to the top which overlooks Big Bear Lake and took a bunch of pictures. We climbed back down, drove home and had lunch. After lunch some of us went kayaking at the lake. We spent a lot of time eating icecream before we got on the kayaks though. That may have been the best part of the kayaking trip. I was too lazy to paddle so we did a lot of just sitting on the water. But at the end we raced for (double) shots and since me and Peter really really didn't want to drink, we paddled our hearts out and won. [Special thanks to Christina for the kayaking pictures] We got home and Peter and his friends grilled steak for dinner. We ate and played Disney Cranium for the rest of the night.

JUL22SUN We got to sleep in. We got ready to go eat and had brunch at a nice restaurant called Madlon's. We went back home, played beer pong, cleaned and made dinner. We tried to leave before evening because the drive is super twisty and driving those roads in the dark is scary and dangerous. We got back to LA pretty quick and then went to watch Batman and get mexican food at El Taurino. We got home and Peter gave me surprise presents for our anniversary. Marc Jacobs earrings I've been eyeing and a bag from Longchamp that I've been waiting for my parents to get me for grad school.