Wednesday, June 6, 2012

what we did//wed&thurs

What we did wed thurs

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MAY16WED We pass out early and wake up early. Like 11:30pm and 9am. Actually Peter wakes up early and then wakes me up and I secretly fall back asleep. For breakfast, Me and Peter had mangos, blueberries and bananas. Actually, I'm pretty sure I just ate that by myself. I'm not sure if Peter had any, now that I think about it. We ran with Duke in our new workout clothes from the day before and then got ready (Joyce too) to go meet the some of the boys that drove down with Matt after school ended. We had Lou's and we got to order my fav (Simon's Pizza-garlic, sausage and giardiniera or "giardinella" as Peter calls it). We then went to Very Berry and got yogurt and played a violent game of I-don't-know-what-that-game-is-called-but-I-know-there's-a-real-name. Indian Poker I think? We then took Jon and Reba home and got a ticket on the way for not wearing a seatbelt in the back seat. $60 each. After a lot of ranting and bad words, I finally calmed down once we got to Home Depot where we bought a sheet of wood and grout for the chalkboards and Peter bought some flowers for my mom. They match her red ones that she bought earlier in the week. We got home and I can't remember what we ate for dinner. I think we ate at home. Actually, I think we ate after we made the table. Yes. We made some measurements on the birch that we bought the day before and attached the legs that I ordered. I also learned how to use a power drill. We sanded the table down for a while and then it got too cold and dark to do the stain outside so we stained in the garage. My dad came home right before we did the top side of the table and thank God he did because we were staining it wrong when we were doing the underside. He showed us the infinitelymoreefficientandstreakfree method and we let that first coat of stain dry overnight. We ate dinner all together and then probably watched something on Hulu (probably Smash) and went to bed.

MAY17THURS The problem with waking up so early is that even though we eat something for breakfast, we get hungry for lunch early. At 10:30am. Right before we left, we added a quick second layer of stain to the table so it would be dry when we got back. The only place open at the Glen was Noodles and Company so we ate that around 10:30am and went to Office Max and Michael's. I forgot that there was another Home Depot was across the street so we went to pick up paint for the pegboard and some hardware. We ended up choosing Pistachio Icecream as our color. I would choose a paint color named that. I didn't even know. After Home Depot, we got hungry again so we had a "snack" aka a full meal at Potbelly's. I got Ben & Jerry's and Peter said he didn't want any but he did. And I finished it without him getting to have any so we went to Jewel and got more Ben & Jerry's icecream for home. In the same flavor. We got home and added a final coat of stain to the table and then started working on the chalkboard tiles. We did a lot of experimenting with the different saws that my Dad brought us from work and there was a lot of trial and error. I got frustrated and tired of the little wood pieces so we took a break and started the pegboard. We cut it down and painted it green which didn't take very long. We went back to the tiles, sanded everything and painted them fun colors. I painted them really really poorly with 50 cent brushes and Peter repainted all of them. He called it "quality control". The table seemed dry so we took it up and put it in my room and it was so pretty. We got everything done just in time for dinner with Simon, Jon and Reba. Joyce and Justin came with too. We went to Flattop in Evanston and then went next door to get frozen custard at Andy's. I went with strawberry shortcake. My favorite. I never remember what happens after dinner because we get tired by 9pm. Oh, Simon came over after dinner and Peter and Simon just talked while I passed out on the couch. That's probably why I don't remember. I woke up when Simon was leaving and I remember claiming that "I wasn't tired" but then I think I just went straight to bed the second he left.