Monday, June 4, 2012

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MAY14MON Peter and I woke up at six and finishing packing up the last of my luggage. We were on the road by 7:30am and took lots of stops including McDonalds (twice) and Best Buy to buy the cord thing for his ipod. We took a million bathroom breaks because my bladder is the size of a peanut and because we were drinking coke and coffee of all forms the whole way. We got into the city around 7:30pm and I wish I could have taken a better picture but all the bugs that got smashed into the window got in the way. We drove a white minivan and the collection of dead bugs on the front of the car was quite impressive. My mom made dinner and then we played with Duke and passed out.

MAY15TUE Peter, Joyce and I (but mostly Peter) decided that we should go visit my Dad at work to say hi to my grandparents since I hadn't seen them since January. We stopped by the Fresh Market to pick up fruit and ate brunch at Corner Bakery. We drove to the city and stayed at my Dad's for a little bit and then rushed back to drop of the rental car. After we dropped of the car, we took my car to the car wash and then went shopping at Marshall's across the street. There happened to be really really good scrapbooking stuff that day and I bought tons of stickers from American Crafts and the rainbow ribbon on my pegboard for $10. Peter bought me running shorts that I'm obsessed with now and I bought him some athetlic-stretchy-under-armor-type shirts. We went home, brewed some coffee we got at the Fresh Market and worked on Peter's application stuff. We ate with my brother at home and then took measurements for the craft room with all types of rulers and protractors. We went to Home Depot and bought a sheet of birch and some stain for the table. After that we watched Smash on Hulu and once again, passed out.