Thursday, June 7, 2012

what we did//fri&sat&sun

What we did fri sat sun



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MAY18FRI We woke up and my mom made us noodles for lunch. We then drove to the shoe store, Joann Fabrics and Archiver's where Peter bought me lots of presents and things for my new craft room. We also stopped by Panera to get iced green tea because it was so hot outside. That night, we had a graduation celebration at church. Simon also came and we played ultimate frisbee (not my favorite) and softball (my favorite). The best quote of the day was regarding how Simon was secretly amazing at frisbee and he happened to be wearing a green shirt and people kept saying "WHERE DOES HE COME FROM? HE BLENDS IN WITH THE GRASS." We ate dinner at church and then me and Peter went to Bakersville to get frozen yogurt with my parents. Simon also met us there after he had to stop by his church and most of the conversation was about Simon's love life. Yes, my family + Peter + Simon + Simon's love life. We then went back to my house and Simon and Peter insisted that we watched a dvd of an old church talent show that we had. That was a terrible idea and I just hid under a blanket the whole time. I think (actually I know) that I was secretly super mad at Peter for making me show him the video. It was a lose-lose situation for me. It was a reminder of how obnxious and skinnier I was back then.

MAY19SAT It was a lazy Saturday. We woke up a little later I think and watched Parenthood on Netflix because we finished Smash. I didn't think Peter would like it but he claimed that he did. We went to lunch with Joyce and Justin at Eggsperience at the Glen. Peter bought all of us. We then went to Von Maur to pick up some things that Peter wanted to get my parents. We picked out some nice golf shirts that they are now obsessed with. I also bought Peter leather Sperrys that he was going to wear to our fancy dinner at the Signature Lounge. We got home, played with Duke in the sprinkler and then got super lazy and didn't feel like doing anything. The Signature Lounge reservation was at 5:30pm because it was the only time available besides 9:30pm and NATO was in town that weekend so getting into the city was probably going to be anything but fantastic. So knowing us, we cancelled and made a reservation at Fogo de Chao at 7:30pm (we cancelled most fancy dinner plans when we were at Caltech too). And then we cancelled that one too. We watched Parenthood all day and snacked on trail mix (the Costco-sized bag) and weren't hungry until 8:30pm. We were out of ideas as to where to go for dinner so we just went to PF Chang's. We came home and hung out outside with my parents and Duke in the backyard and chitchatted for a while. We went inside and did a face mask (that picture is the best) and I think we watched more Parenthood and passed out.

MAY20SUN The morning was hectic because Peter had to finish packing his suitcase since we were heading to the airport right after church. My parents wanted to eat after church so we rushed home after service and ate at Akai Hana with my grandparents. We ordered a lot (clearly) but finished most of it. Peter said bye to my family and we headed to O'Hare. We got there pretty quick so we parked in the garage and I walked him to the security checkpoint and there we had to say our goodbyes for now. I went home and worked on the craft room to keep myself busy since I knew his flight was going to be long.