Wednesday, June 13, 2012

floating frames


Probably the coolest thing I've come up with. And I'm allowed to say that because I'm not very original or cool. Transparencies save the day again. I love how they just make things look un-boring and kind of pretty awesome. 

So I had two pictures (originals: bridge & skyline) of the city when me and Peter were roadtripping home. Remember how they had bugs all over them? The camera was on macro when I took pictures and it kept getting the bugs that were smashed on the window. Those yellow&black photos are the same photos but edited in Picasa. They look pretty awesome and insect-free. I liked how they looked artsy so I put them on white paper to keep the attention on the photos. But then it looked boring and I was not happy with it. Plus, the page before ("home stretch") is white and I didn't like having two white pages next to each other. So that's when the transparencies come in. I made some transparency overlays a couple weeks back and thought it came out neat. But this is way cooler. I stuck a transparency in thinking I would try to stamp stars on it to match the skies in the photos, kind of like how I drew in stars with permanent marker in the California minibook (third row). But the star stamp I had wasn't exactly the right size and I couldn't really think of anything to do so I thought I would some how frame each of the photos. I didn't have a way to make neat lines around each square but I had those frame stamps from stampin' up that I've been trying to find an excuse to use (I think they're discontinued now). I got them out and finally tried using them. I used a versamark pad which I have found to be the best ink for embossing. It's super sticky and makes clean lines. I was worried that embossing wouldn't come out well because the lines are so fine on the frames and sometimes embossing thin stuff doesn't come out too great because all of the powder flies off when you're heating it. But it worked. And I was worried about embossing on transparencies because I didn't know if it would stick or melt and slop off the sheet. But it worked fantastically. I don't think that's a word really. But it worked just as good, if not better, than regular paper. Fyi: the close-up of the bottom frame shows what it looks like post-heat. The right side is done after the heat and the left side is darker and not shiny since it didn't melt. I like how the frames don't actually fit the photos but are offset and just make it look more interesting. Super easy!