Sunday, June 10, 2012

a fish without a name


Me and Justin were so bored today that we decided to get a fish when all we wanted to do was buy a toy for Duke. The only fish that you can keep alive without a filter apparently are betas so we got a half moon beta of an unknown sex. I think it was a male because males were more expensive. I really didn't want a beta because all they do it sit there and they don't even swim but they said that nothing would live beyond a week in a small tank without a filtration system. I'm not sure if the girl was lying to me because she wasn't very nice or helpful. I'm not sure why because I would love to help people buy pets. So we picked out the most active of the non-active fish and also bought rainbow rocks, food and water conditioner. Oh and I wanted a snail so bad. They're so weird. The girl who was mean said that I should wait to buy it because there's not enough algae so I bought algae wafers to build up a healthy amount for the snail to feed on. And now that the exciting part of building a home for the fish is over, I'm blogging about it. How sad. I'm not sure what this means if putting in the rocks and getting the snails next week are the most exciting parts of this whole process.


We went to go buy a rope toy and we ended up buying him this orthopedic foam dog bed. What does that even mean? But it was comfortable indeed. I sat in there with Duke. It was exciting to get him to sleep in it right away since he's been getting in trouble for secretly sleeping on the couch at night. Oh but while I was writing this post I saw this:


Happy Sunday everyone.

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