Friday, May 25, 2012

project life: mar 13, 2012

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My snorkeling pictures are here! Finally. They didn't all come out great, but the ones that needed to come out great did so I'm happy. I think it might be because I didn't get them developed right away and waited two months. Oh and that picture of me is not very flattering (and actually quite embarrassing), but hey, who cares when there's a coral reef behind you.

I chose my favorite six photos and finally put them into the sleeve that was waiting for them. 

This Project Life album wasn't really planned out as well as I thought. That's why things are a little bit all over the place when it comes to design and consistancy. But that's okay. I decided that for the rest of the album, I'll be experimenting with different journaling techniques and photography approaches. When I find something I love, I'll be using that method to carry me through a second documentation project I'll be starting in the fall. My overall goals for the next album are consistancy and cohesion, and my practical goals to achieve those two things include quality photography and thoughtful design/post editing. But for the rest of PL, I'll be trying different things, and I'm not too worried about keeping designs consistant because well, the theme apparently for this album is inconsistancy.

For this spread, I didn't want to ruin my photos because they were developed from film. If I messed up, it would be possible, but more difficult, to get another copy. I wanted everything to look clean so I thought of resorting to typewrite and doing the titles and journaling on the computer. But I couldn't do that on photoshop because the pictures weren't digital. That's where the transparencies come in. I had a bunch of transparencies and ran them through my computer. I printed them out, smeared all the ink three separate times, but then finally found a way to let the ink dry. Apprently there's laser transparencies as well as inkjet transparencies, but clearly I used the wrong kind. It ended up working out in the end so everything was okay. I probably could have just printed it out on regular printer paper and photocopied it using a xerox machine to avoid the mess.

Anyways, I wanted to add titles and wording in spots on the photos that had a lot of boring space. Like, the sea turtle in my photo is awesome (but the sea grass not so much), but I didn't have much time to compose my shot because one, I was underwater and two, I was chasing a sea turtle in the middle of the ocean. But that ended up being great for adding text. After I printed out the document on the transparency, I let it dry, played with the placement and cut it downt to 4x6. I like how it looks like it's almost floating ontop of the picture. And that it kind of looks like you're looking through glass. Maybe I'm crazy. Probably. Hopefully this will be one of the ways I'll continue to do my journaling for project #2!

text in photo:

SAVING THE SEA TURTLES WITH RUMfideicomiso de conservación de puerto rico
"The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and enhance the Island’s natural resources. At the end of the 1960s, the economy of Puerto Rico underwent a period of aggressive modernization and industrialization. The impact on the Island’s environment did not take long to be felt. Excessive urban growth, coupled with the deterioration of our natural surroundings, prompted the urgent need to conserve the environment and our natural resources. The Trust has received a portion of the rum tax returns from the federal government. These financial resources have allowed the Trust to create a fund with which to generate its own income and to acquire areas of high ecological, historic and cultural value." 

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