Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a brand new blog made by me


This is it. I did it. I made this blog with my very own fingers and keystrokes. Obviously with much help from my favorite blogger Elise and her wonderful blog workshop. After two years of writing my previous blog on blogger, I decided that I wanted to personalize my blog a bit more and really commit to it. And for me, that meant starting from scratch and designing a site that I loved. It was a perfect time to start a new blog since I just finished my undergrad studies and was coming home for good. And coming home meant a new craft room that I could document, as well as time for a lot of new projects and crafts. It meant better photos, more writing and quality posts.

A lot of my previous posts were semi-long term projects (ie: project life and photo a day), and after much debate, I decided that I would not import all of my old posts. I was insecure about my writing and previous entries so I wanted to start brand new and publish entries that I was confident about. But I couldn't just leave what was already documented, so I compromised and imported projects that I was in the middle of. Then I imported most of my photography and past projects. And then I pretty much ended up importing everything. This new blog contains 85% of my old posts so if you (for some reason) really want to read any of the remaining 15% that got left out, please visit my old blog. I will not be updating that blog anymore, but I won't be deleting it either.

I was so anxious about launching this new site that there's still probably glitches here and there. Please let me know if buttons or links don't work. I even made an about me page. Importing from blogger to typepad went relatively well; all of my tags were saved and converted into what typepad calls "categories". I double checked and made sure that all posts were categorized into the right groups, but if there's anything that seems to be missing or weird, just let me know please. Oh, and although I am a bit OCD about layouts, spacing and photo dimensions, I decided not to go back and fix old entries that were imported. My column on this new blog is much smaller than my previous blog so the images get cut off. However, if you'd like to see the full image, you can always click on the image and the full version should show up.

Sorry this was such a boring and technical post. A catch up post on photo a day will be up later tonight. Here's to a shiny new blog!