Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Impossible Project

I've been looking for Polaroid film for my 600 onestep express camera that my Dad had when I was little. I have the Instax Mini 25 that Peter got me for Valentine's day and I love it. But while I was home in January, I rediscovered my Polaroid from the 90's and missed the appearance and rarity of the standard 600 film. I looked online and it's astounding to me that expired film on ebay and amazon is hundreds of dollars. The last Polaroid films were made in December of 2008, producing film that expires one year later in 2009. I didn't realize until now that I will never be able to use that hunter green Polaroid camera. Then I realized that the standard 600 film, along with all Polaroid films, literally died and wouldn't be coming back. Ever. It was so disappointing when that reality hit me. The discovery of instant film was a phenomenon in photographic history. And the discontinuation of Polaroid production meant that phenomenon could never be enjoyed and that the magic of instant photography would be totally forgotten. But then I came across Project Impossible, a group of photographers and dreamers from the Netherlands that rescued Polaroid production from being forgotten. Coming across this was incredibly inspiring. Read more about them here.

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