Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Pause.

I am starting to pack my stuff up this week. Unfortunately, I will be starting with my scrapbooking stuff first. Packing is probably the most stressful time of the year and this year it will be even more fantastic because I have to be able to fit everything into a car. One car. The plan was to start with my winter clothes but it's hailing and snowing this week so that won't work. So the only thing I can really start with is my books, scrapbooking stuff and pictures. That means I won't be able to work on project life until I'm home and after Peter's back in LA which will be May 20. Getting so behind on PL is stressing me out but it works out because the photo quality at CVS by school is horrendous anyways. Costco for the win.

April goals:
-finish this damn thesis
-survive a 5k warrior run

May goals:
-start craft room
-catch up on all PL pages (including the Madison interview, PR, end of the semester + grad and Peter's visit... so pretty much all of second semester.)
-update the blog about all PL pages to date.

Blog news:
-I will be making the switch to typepad at the end of May/early June. Check back here for updates!