Thursday, April 12, 2012


I did it. It's official. We're making a table. I ordered the hairpin legs in raw steel in standard 14 inches. I thought I was going to do a tall table, 28 inches or something, like in the DIY post. But Peter had the idea of making a low table so I could sit on the ground, kind of like a coffee table. I didn't even think of that. I think it'll make the room look bigger if the table is lower on the ground. I think.

Here's the room. Finally some pictures. I cheated and took measurements even though I wasn't suppose to. It's currently a hidden room for everybody's crap.

I'm so excited.

I've been eyeing this rug and I saw a DIY but the cost of felt balls are soooooo expensive. A floor rug will probably cost $2000-7000 so I thought I would just make a little 2x1 mat to sit on for my brand new currently-non-existent-table. But even that costs $50 just to get the felt balls from Nepal and I can't exactly justify spending that much for something I'm going to sit on. 

So I've moved on to this chevron rug that you can make with scrap fabric or old sheets. 

Pinterest is quickly ruining my life.

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