Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Summer Project

This project is going to be huge. Like, extreme makeover kind of huge. Peter's coming to graduation and we will be roadtripping back to Chicago with all of my crap stuff crap. He'll be staying for a few days and we're converting my walk-in closet space into a craft room. I didn't force him, I swear. He even says he's excited. I thought that creating boards on pinterest was pointless but I was so wrong. Instead of saving all of my pictures onto my computer and never ever looking at them again, I just made my first board: Craft Room. I love it.

So far, I'm dreaming of having a peg board somewhere. I don't care where. In light green. For those who have been to my house (and inside my closet), I have this tiny little room which is the space built above our garage. So. It doesn't have much space and the ceilings are slanted since it's the roof of my house. It's so hard to explain. Bottom line is that we don't have much space to work with, and the space that we do have is irregular. If there's no way that it's going to work, I can take the room on the third floor since it's way bigger but honestly, I get scared being there alone. I'm such a baby. But Peter says it's going to work and he's an eagle scout so I believe him. You should have been there when we moved our stuff into storage. Me and Cliff were doubters but he made it work.

Next on the agenda: I need a desk. A desk that's going to fit into my weird shaped room. Solution? Make it. I found the DIY here and it seems easy enough. As long as I have a plan and I can articulate what I want, I don't think Home Depot will laugh at me. I'll just bring in this picture. 

Note: My room actually looks like the picture above except the ceilings are way way way lower.

I was going to have my mom send me pictures of the room so I could try to guess the dimensions but we're going to just do everything on the fly when we arrive in Chicago. Just to make things more interesting.

If things don't work out (between me and the craft room, just to be clear), I will not cry. I will not freak out. I will not make a scene. I'll just continue making crafts in the dining room until my parents can't take it anymore. And then I'll move into a beautiful house with 109238012983102938 craft rooms.

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