Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Life: Feb 2-7, 2012

I worked on this last week and finally uploaded the photos to my computer this weekend. I unexpectedly liked the way my Houston spread came out; my interview scrapbooking hasn't been as fun as I imagined to document. But my travels to Texas provided me with a lot of nice maps and brochures and I actually liked how it came out.

In January, I made a January 2012 card that looked like this:

Well, while I was documenting February, I forgot to make a card for the start of the new month. I wanted to make each month the same format as the January card (but with different colors), but I had no space after I finished the end of January's documentation and began February's. So I went back and added a divider that I made in Word and printed on card stock. Then I embossed gold stars and stuck it into a plastic sleeve.








I'm surprisingly almost up to date with PL. I'm working on when Peter was here while I'm documenting last week and this week. I realized I was getting more and more behind because I wanted to spend a lot of time on the part when Peter visited so I'm working on that as well as catching up to this week. Once I'm done with Peter's visit, I'll have those up!

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