Wednesday, February 15, 2012


airport photo by: James Choi

Me and Peter left for the airport together today. I'm now in Madison and Peter is still flying back to LA. He'll get there in the next half hour; he's been flying since 3 pm EST. The last week went by so fast but it was so good. Today I had dinner at a chinese restaurant with six other recruits and the director. Except I was so tired and sad that my eyes were glazing over and I was falling asleep. Madison is really nice so far though. I guess we'll see more tomorrow. I'm turning down other interviews, so this will be my last one and I'll decide from the five programs. I can't wait to be done traveling; I'm super behind on project life and it's kind of stressing me out but once I get back, I'll catch up on my scrapbooking and crafts.

Today I decided on a couple things. I decided that I will strive to finish up my last year in college with intention and purpose. I want to develop good habits and begin cultivating a lifestyle that will help me be strong as I start my graduate career. Hopefully these things can really help me mentally, emotionally and spiritually as I wrap up this portion of my life and begin a new (and stressful) one.

I will be the best daughter and granddaughter I can be.

I will be the best girlfriend I can be.

I will be the best friend I can be.

I will be the best sister I can be.

I will be the best student I can be.

And, I will be the best child of God I can be.

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