Friday, February 17, 2012


I danced in high school with sweetest little lady named Lucy. We were in the same modern dance class my junior year and we performed together in the annual show. She showcased in the AP art show and I knew since our high school years that she was really really good. We haven't kept in contact but I came across her website and re-realized how incredible her work is. She is beautiful and unimaginably talented. Her artwork and photography is absolutely amazing. I promise you'll be intrigued if you take a look. Here is more about Lucy if you'd like to read her bio.

Here are some more drawings and client work that she's done. There's tons more on her website but these were my favorites. I clearly had a hard time narrowing my favorites down.

She also has a food blog called birch & basil that she writes with her sisters. The writing is addicting and the images have something unique about them that makes you want to be there with them baking and cooking delicious things. Her sisters and her take turns writing posts and taking pictures so take a look. She has pet chickens. Which is one of my favorite things about her.

She has a second blog called The Pen Pals which she writes with other illustrators. 

Please follow her on tumblr and support her work! She has a shop on etsy so if you love her work (which you will), please consider purchasing her art!

All work above is original work by Lucy Engelman. Please credit if you repost any of these images.

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