Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A (DIY) Valentine's Day Party

So I hosted my first real get together the day before Valentine's day. The best part of the night was probably when JJ brought Sarah a branch from a tree on his way over. 

So I don't have photoshop and I'm a scientist so all we use is powerpoint for everything. Don't laugh at me. I feel so terrible because I can't find the original invitation that I went off of to make mine. It had little flags instead of hearts. I think I found it on oh happy day but I went back and couldn't find it anymore. 

I heat embossed these in white with a stamp from party city. I used these as name tags for seating.

I also made a tassel garland that originally costs like $130 from Confetti System (although they are super beautiful) but I saw a DIY and made my own.

Thanks Reba for helping me!

And a photo backdrop to cover our hideous walls inspired by a beautiful mess.

Fondue for dessert. I got my fondue pot from here and it actually worked pretty well.

I only put this picture up to show the branch. Please don't be mad Sarah.

And thanks to Peter for my new camera :)