Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Project Recipe Box

Last Friday night Sarah was looking through my recipe box and this conversation occurred:
Sarah: "How do you find your recipes?"
Me: "Oh I just find them online on blogs and stuff."
Sarah: "No, I mean, how do you find them in here?"
(enter Jenn's messy recipe box)

So on Saturday night when I should have been studying, I decided to organize my recipe box with dividers. I cut out white cardstock with little tabs at the top in various places:


Then I stamped them with one of my favorite stamps I found in the DOLLAR SECTION at Michaels. What a steal. Wood mount stamps are normally super expensive.

Then I was going to write on the tabs but I knew that I would mess it up and they were kind of annoying to cut so I wrote them on washi tape instead:


I was going to leave them like that but I saw these dots using pencil erasers. I was dying to find some excuse to stamp dots everywhere so I decided that I would stamp these dividers:





Then I cut all my print outs down:

And finally organized all my recipes:




Yay for organization.

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