Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grad School Updates I

Last October I made a list of the million and a half things I needed to do before I submitted my applications to grad school. In November, I finished my 15 essays and 9 applications. Go me.

I applied to schools mostly near home because I realized how much I missed being near my family over the last four years and I think the PhD journey will be pretty lonely. I also figured it would be easier to move my 209342039 boxes and suitcases if my new home is closer to home home. And after flying back and forth from Syracuse to Chicago, I realized how exhausting traveling can get. I guess I also never realized when I left my beautiful pink room after my senior year of high school that I would never be going back. I just assumed that after I graduated Syracuse, I'd come home and live there. I guess I never even thought of those details. But I learned this year that I won't be going back home if I don't stay in Chicago for grad school. Ever. By the time I'm done with my PhD I'll be 28 at the earliest. And I'm not moving back home then. And because my grandparents had a really hard time with me being so far from home, I want to spend the next several years close to them. They're getting older and I really want to be around them while they're healthy. I want them to be happy. And I owe it to them. They've paid for my entire college career in full and provided me with the opportunity to leave for school. Their support was what allowed me to go to Syracuse, meet beautiful people, grow up and experience real things and figure out who I am a little bit more and who I want to be and what I want to do (for the next six years at least). So I really do owe it to them. So I chose to apply to schools that were in the Midwest. Except two that were in Texas. And these Texas schools are starting to look pretty damn appealing.

The deadline for most of my applications was December 1. So far I've heard back from two schools already, one of them being Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. I didn't think that I'd want to go but everyone I've been in contact with at the school is so nice and they have incredible faculty there. And it's though a medical school which means more clinically relevant research. But it's in effing Texas. But then again, the thought of going somewhere new and warm and strange and far is kind of exciting. And it makes staying home in Chicago seem kind of boring. And it's only a 2 hour and 35 minute flight. Eh, but who knows what will happen within the next couple of months as I hear back from other schools. I'm flying out to Houston the first week of February for a recruitment interview weekend and hopefully the weather and nice people won't win me over.

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